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german hunting knife

Why German Hunting Knife and Brands You Want?

Different countries have a different type of product. American product is the best we all believe that but besides America there are a lot of other countries too who provide the best product. Germany is one of them. We all know that German citizens are a genius to invent any kind of thing. They believe to manufacture a well-structured and use full product.

Today my description topic is a product from Germany. A German citizen is a love to hunt and make verities kinds of the knife of their own design and manufacture farm. They also provide this product of hunting knife into various kinds of hunters in different cities.

Now come the main topic is “how much good in quality is this German hunting knife ?” if you know about the quality of German hunting knife you will have an idea about the German hunting knives brands.You have gained knowledge about the German brand and individual knife. You can understand where German hunting knives brands are building. How is the German hunting knife manufacturer?

vintage German hunting knife is a knife famous hunting knife. From past, they grew their business. We all know that vintage German hunting knife was good in design. They keep theirs from their tradition from past. There is a reason. Because some people prefer to use or collect old design. For them, German hunting knife manufacture companies made this vintage German hunting knife.

A knife Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Scout Knife, Drop Point is a famous hunting knife and every hunter’s choice. Now I am giving details about this product bellow here. Let’s see.

About the product:

  • The knife Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Scout is a knife whichThin or slim in structure.
  • It is a lightweight folding knife.
  • This hunting knife is 1/2 Serrated high carbon.
  • And it has stainless steel drop point blade.
  • This knife has ideal for edge retention.
  • It is ideal too for cutting rope.
  • The knife has Nail nick in the blade.
  • This blade can easily open.
  • This knife has Lock back locks blade which is securely in place.
  • Lock back locks can maximize safety during closing.
  • There we can see oversized finger notch in the handle.
  • This finger notch can minimize slipping.
  • And priorities of survival pocket guide too.


Product Weight1 ounces
Itemdimensions9.5 x 5.5 x 0.4 inches
Knife model number31-000760
ModeFolding Survival Scout Knife
Length of the blade2.5 inches
About WarrantyLifetime Warranty

Product description:

Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Scout is a thin knife. I can fold and it is a light weighted knife. In this hunting knife, 1/2 Serrated high carbon include. The product of hunting knife has stainless steel drop point blade. The length of the blade is 2.5 inch.This knife has ideal for edge retention and cutting rope too. This hunting knife contains nail nick blade which can easily open. Here is in this knife a Lock back locks blade which is securely in place. The edge of this knife is plain or serrated. We can see oversize finger notch in this product. Which helps to minimize slipping. And we can say the hunting knife is lifetime warranted.

Additional Information:

  • FIRST DATE OF AVAILABLE: January 4, 2011

Why this knife favor to all?

  • Finger notch
  • Well fit
  • Lock back locks
  • Thin knife
  • Light weighted

Buyers question and answer:

Question: How long is the knife closed?
Answer: You know that the knife is adjustable with your pocket. It is 1/3 or 1/4 close and another portion is opened.

Question: Where is the product of this hunting knife from?
Answer: At first Sorry to say,this information is not giving up.but it is made in China. Now it is it also manufacture in the USA. I hope you get your perfect answer and understand it.

Question: What is the material of the handle?
Answer: It’s the knife which handles is plastic but it can feel flimsy. But, it has been a very useful household knife.

Conclusion: At last, I want to say about the product of hunting knife. This product has a lot of advantages which are not given here, But if you notice about the product option you can see the advantages. So, My suggestion for you. Don’t be late.

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