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fixed blade hunting knife

Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Reviews of 2017

A knife is like a best friend of hunters. If you love hunting then you are most welcome to our site. Because we describe here in my site all about knife which hunters use most times. So that hunters prefer to come here to my site.

Now-a-day people purchase a hunting knife as a Show-prices collection.

The blade which is fixed with the knife you choose for hunting is known as a fixed blade hunting knife. In this knife blades can not be changed. So that there is no problem to reset the blade of this knife.

The fixed blade hunting knives are quite good to use. There is no trouble to refilled the blades. It is easy to access.

Generally, we can replace the hunting knife blades in maximum hunting knife but some of them are irreplaceable. If your hunting knife blades getting worst then you have to re-modify it. Or you can change it.

Hunting knives fixed blade has some advantages and some disadvantages too.

Today we describe a hunting knife which has fixed blade and quality full material. It is popular because of hunting knives fixed blade. When we flip the blade came out of folding lock. That means it is a flip blade hunting knife. The name of the product is Case Medium Prime Stag Stockman Pocket Knife. Let see all about the product below here.

About The Product

  • Tru-Sharp surgical stainless steel blades;
  • Laser carved lean;
  • Clip, sheep foot blades;
  • Prime stag handle;
  • The excellent pocket knife for whole work;
  • Use for hunting, cutting, skinning, safety;
  • 3.63 inches Length are closed and;
  • 2.5 ounces are opened;
  • The product made in the USA;
  • It has limited lifetime warranty;

Different sizes: Our folding comes in three different sizes there. The Small storage – 2.63 in. Medium storage – 3.25 – 3.88 in. Large storage – 4.25 in.

Pen Blade: The pen blade picks for an everyday load like opening email and inboxes. It can also think for light adze and cutting.

Punch Blade: Punch blade of the product has an all like tip which allows it to excel at forcing holes in the leather for belts or gloves.

This blade is also great for marking measurements has the plastic, the wood, or the aluminum.

Specification of various type of this product:

Point TrapperCopperlockStockmanLockbackPeanutTexas Toothpick
Handle MaterialSyntheticBoneBoneBoneSynthetic




Blade MaterialChrome VanadiumTru-Sharp Surgical SteelTru-Sharp Surgical SteelTru-Sharp Surgical SteelTru-Sharp Surgical SteelTru-Sharp Surgical Steel
Length4.13 in. closed3.63 in. closed3.13 in. closed3 in. closed2.88 in. closed3 in. closed
Main Blade Length3.25 in.2.7 in.2.55 in.2.2 in.2.10 in.2.25 in.
Type of KnifeEveryday Carry – OutdoorsEveryday Carry – OutdoorsEveryday Carry – OutdoorsEveryday Carry – OutdoorsEveryday Carry – OutdoorsEveryday Carry – Outdoors
Weight4.0 oz.2.7 oz.


2.5 oz.


1.9 oz.


2.0 oz.




Product Information:

ProductCase Medium Prime Stag Stockman Pocket Knife
Product Dimensions4.4 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches
Item Weight2.4 ounces
ColorPrime Stage
Item model number12388

The advantages of the of the product

  • Durable
  • We can use it multiple ways
  • No trouble to fixed blade multiple time
  • Blades are sharp
  • Product by Stockman

The disadvantages of the of the product

  • From the customer complain we took disadvantages
  • It is a small knife. That’s why it is unable to use for some kinds of people

Buyers question and answer:

Question: Is it made in China?
Answer: No. It is USA product.

Question: does it have bigger version?
Answer: No it has the only small size you get.

Question: Did you sell the replica product?
Answer: No, here you get the only real product. No replica is availed here.

Conclusion: Hunting knife blades are very important part of the knife. If you want the product as fixed blade hunting knives, Above the description you get the product want you. If you have more confusion then you can comment or contact needs more about the product.

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